Recreational Facilities – "Building Communities"

The concept of ‘Building Communities’ combines the ideas of living and creating into one by integrating the processes of design and construction with an inspiration for long-term decision making. The idea of Building Communities therefore, necessarily transcends into every aspect of the way we approach building. First and foremost, we resort to an Open-Book philosophy as early as possible to ensure that the Owner is in fact a part of the team working together to create the project. Simultaneously, we will always recommend the Design-Build method in order to align ourselves with not only the most qualified team of designers and consultants who share our vision, but to ensure a unity and ease of communication right from the first day of work. We believe that equal participation between all parties as early as possible can only lead to the best mix of functional use, aesthetic appeal, and budget consciousness.

Building Communities also means that we are intensely interested in using a healthy mix of innovation and technique to create a space that is as focused on long term (or life-cycle) costs as it is on upfront capital costs. That is, we are fundamentally in favour of taking the time in the pre-design stages to discover the best methods and balancing the real costs of implementing those methods against the returns they will bring in the future. As a result, we are frequently involved in consulting with Owners with respect to the LEED Canada program and feel that there are benefits to at least considering this program. With the technology available to us using the Honco system described in detail in future sections, we can also ensure that facilities will pre-qualify for the Commercial Building Incentive Program (CBIP), which can help defray some of the design costs of implementing energy efficient systems and allow for long term operating savings.

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