Honco - The Frameless Building System

The Honco frameless system uses the strength of its walls to eliminate the need for interior framework of any kind. Just as a twenty dollar bill stood on its edge falls over while the same bill folded in series stands on its own, Honco's corrugated wall panels provide their own structural support.

By having walls that serve as both structural supports and exterior cladding, Honco buildings reduce the amount of components needed in turn reducing cost of materials used. Moreover, connected with the innovative Honco roof and ceiling trusses buildings can span hundreds of feet without any interior framework. In the end the space that you design becomes entirely useable space. More skating room, more change rooms and more amenity space are all readily available.

Innovation In Action

Put to work, Honco's frameless system changes the process of the arena erection process, saving both time and money through building efficiency. With a traditional rigid frame structure, construction crews will begin by raising a series of posts and columns to serve as the frame, return to the point of origin to begin cladding the walls, return again to finish the roof, and only then begin the interior work. As the Honco system is modular, our crews assemble standardized sections of wall panels, connected to the roof and ceiling truss system. Since the sections are completed in entirety before moving on, other finishing crews can move along with the erectors to begin interior work. In short, the overall condensed schedule allows costs to be minimized, meaning your facility will be ready for full use sooner. Thinking long-term, the modular approach makes future expansion easy and affordable. We simply remove the end wall, build additional sections, and replace the original end wall in its new location!

Operating Advantages

Once your facility is completed faster and easier than you thought possible, Honco's building system provides further advantages specific to the operation of arenas and community facilities. Other systems can claim to offer cost effective buildings but do so by compromising the quality of materials used and the intelligence of their system. The ability to own and operate a premier building that creates savings in both the short-term and the long-term is our Construction Advantage.


  • Ventilated attic: standard R-40 blown insulation creates a barrier between warm air outside and cold air inside. This avoids the condensation that typically shows up in other arenas as bubbles on the ice surface.
  • Ceiling reflectivity: a lowered ceiling allows for lower lighting, decreasing the amount of unused space that drains light. Moreover, a portion of the light is reflected upwards off the metallic surface, further decreasing electricity consumption.
  • Insulation capacity: R-40 rating in the roof is paired with an R-20 rating in the walls. Completely Canadian-made, we believe Honco is the best-insulated building on the market.
  • Useable space: the open rafter space in traditional arenas can add the equivalent heating requirements of an average home to your bill. With Honco, the space you build is the space you use.