Canadian Construction Association

Established in 1918, Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) vision is to build Canada with ethics, skills and responsibility. CCA’s mission is to be the national voice for the Canadian construction industry.



Safey Always - MBC

McDonald Brothers Construction Inc. is fundamentally committed in the health and safety of all personnel. Our philosophy is that the safety of our workforce is our first priority and is not superceded by any other activity.



Ontario General Contractors Association

Conceived over 70 years ago from a desire to bridge the gap between national and regional associations, the OGCA continues to ensure that the interests of general contractors and the construction industry are not overlooked. As far back as the first meeting, the OGCA’s stated objective was the protection and advancement of the interests of the general contractors and the safety of our workers in the Province. 




The General Contractors Association of Ottawa was founded in 1971 and was granted Letters of Patent by the Government of Ontario in 1982.

Its principal "Objectives" include the following:

  • To foster and advance General Contractors’ business interests.

  • To promote fair and equitable tendering and contract administration procedures.

  • To liaise with owners, architects and consulting engineers.

  • To promote at all levels of government desirable legislation and regulations affecting the membership.

  • To provide useful information flow to the management of member firms.


Canadian Design-Build Institute

With the significant emergence of design-build as a project delivery method the Canadian Design-Build Institute was established as a Special Committee of the Canadian Construction Association. CDBI is the voice of Canadian Design-Build practitioners and by operating on a national level it is able to connect all its members across Canada.




The Canada Green Building Council is a not-for-profit, national organization that has been working since 2002 to advance green building and sustainable community development practices in Canada.