Our Process

As outlined in previous sections, there are a variety of formats each guided by its own set of contractual and organizational delivery method that MBC can partner with building owners and their teams to bring a project to fruition. Regardless of the format however, we look to the building process we’ve developed over our history to bring success to the final product.



As our construction management and estimating software packages are closely integrated, data transfers between team members are immediate and precise. This project performance benchmark is reviewed at weekly progress meetings and compiled into monthly reports submitted to the owner. Most importantly, the program is integrated with Safety, Scheduling, Project Management and Risk Prevention programs using effective communication tools. This ensures that the Quality end product successfully delivered in conjunction with all other related areas.



Relying heavily on past experience, McDonald Bros. Construction has developed a quality control system in the form of a master punch list. Each stage of the project is reviewed and compared to the master list to ensure compliance with the design, construction documentation and industry standards.



Scheduling of any project is critical for the success of the assignment and must include all phases of design, approvals and construction. The scheduling interface and dynamic features of this software allows us to itemize and track all project related activities and milestones from design to occupancy. Work is further divided into sub-categories to delineate what level of commitment each team member has at each stage. Schedule progress is updated regularly outlining and redefining the critical path of activities, enabling our Project Managers and Coordinators to anticipate and plan for contingencies and changes.