When moving over to our new offices in 2004, one of the first installations was a new trophy case in the corner of the main reception. Giving a permanent home to some of the internal and external awards has given visitors a chance to glimpse into the MBC world and understand the pride we take in accomplishments big and small. We invite you to take both an online and a physical tour of the awards case to share with us in some of the finer moments of the past two decades in the Ottawa construction industry.

  • OGCA Distinguished Achievement in Health and Safety: Presented in 2004, this award recognizes our longstanding commitment to health and safety by commemorating 14 consecutive years of zero lost time injury. It truly embodies our devotion to a safe workplace above all other pursuits, and was accepted by Paul McDonald our Safety Director on behalf of the entire team.
  • Ottawa Architectural Conservation Award of Excellence: Presented in 2006, The City of Ottawa recognized the historical renovation and addition project at Dominion Chalmers United Church as an achievement in urban infill projects. Showcasing specific projects which demonstrate a commitment to architectural heritage in the Ottawa area, we are glad to have been part of the process to renew such an important cultural building in the heart of centretown. Receiving the award on behalf of MBC were Mr. Randy Leafloor and Mr. Don Collins, along with the project’s architectural and engineering consultants.
  • MBC Safe Builder Award: This award is presented annually by management to a staff member who best represents our beliefs in operating at a maximum level of safety at all times. This person embodies the spirit of creating a safe working environment for both themselves and those who surround them. Presented at our annual general safety meeting in the summer, it is entrusted to a team member with a high level understanding of the role of safety above all pursuits.
  • Mission Impossible Award: This joint award is presented annually to one project manager and one site superintendent who have displayed the most creativity, innovation, and dedication in the face of overwhelming obstacles. The award recognizes the effort above and beyond normal commitments for individuals who thrive in difficult situations and deliver their best performances under various constraints. Presented at our annual general safety meeting, it is a symbol of having your ‘ducks in a line’.
  • The MBC Annual: Perhaps the most coveted award available to internal staff is the MBC Annual, presented to the top foursome at the MBC Annual golf tournament. This award admittedly is more about getting paired with the right foursome than anything else!