About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe above all else that passion for building is transcendent. Technical knowledge can be developed with experience, but creative ability is contingent on having sincere enthusiasm for each and every project. While we place strong emphasis on superior quality, attentive service, competitive cost and aggressive scheduling, our key to success is in creative problem solving and ingenuity. Moreover, success for MBC is measured not only by the achievements of the past, but also in the understanding that even with two decades in the industry, progress is an ongoing concept.

Fostering this philosophy begins with sharing it with our team, and making sure they have all the tools necessary to promote it in their own workplaces. We seek out like-minded people who understand how passion and creativity can catalyze the construction industry.

The strength and balance we have achieved in office support and field workers gives us the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to make sure all projects run smoothly. Our team exceeds 40 full-time employees, divided between office staff located at our corporate office in Ottawa, and field staff located at a variety of construction sites. Our range of expertise gives us particular advantages in complex projects involving multiple trades and competent management, but we will also undertake smaller renovation and fit-up projects as the need arises. Generally, we work best in environments requiring a full-time superintendent with a requirement to coordinate the full range of construction divisions.

Mcdonald Brothers Construction Team

Our company is built on the premise of intelligent people working within effective systems. We are committed to long-term employee tenures to ensure that our employees work with the tools we provide to make a difference in the product we deliver.